Ahh another holiday bites the dust.  I use to love holidays. I would look forward to them as large family gatherings growing up. After my grandparents passing that all changed. Now I just look for a way to “survive” them and oddly enough the way I manage to do this is by focusing on the children in the family. I never realized how many of my happy holiday memories are tied up in my grandma. Right up until the day she died she had this childlike innocence whenever someone gave her a gift. Giving her a gift was truly a gift to me as I watched her eyes light up and she would say “Ohhh. For me?” As if she couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to give her anything. She would get just as excited about a rock found in the yard as she would the most beautiful piece of jewelery. I miss that. I also miss grandpa in all of his gruffness peaking to see if the Easter ham or Christmas turkey was done and sneaking a bit of this or that while we waited for dinner. He was tough and quite often a huge pain in the ass,  but if you needed anything he would be the first one there to help. I miss them so much everyday but the memories seem to flood back more on the holidays.