Bellies and Babies Giveaway: Please vote

Please vote for my good friend Kelly Neiswender  in the bellies and babies giveaway. Here is how to do it.

On facebook go to  Captured by Robine and like the page. You MUST like the page for your vote to count. Next go to the “photos” section and choose the “Bellies and Babies Giveaway” album. When you mouse over the pictures it tells you the name. She is the only Kelly on there but below is her picture.

Please vote for this lovely Mommy!

On the facebook page click on her picture and then add a simple comment saying “vote”. I am really counting on you all for this. You will be helping a wonderful mother win a prize she truly deserves. She is close to my heart because we shared the same due date. While my pregnancy ended in heartbreak she is on baby watch. You have until June 3rd to cast your vote.

If you have any questions please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability. Thank you all so much!