Things That Matter

I haven’t blogged much lately because I haven’t had anything positive to say and I haven’t seen the point in spreading that kind of negativity so I have stuck to my personal journal. However, I found myself sitting here doing other things and writing a blog in my head so I figured I should jump on over here and bang it out. I have so much floating around in my head. It’s been rough, but I’m not here to share that (this time).

The same day I found out I was pregnant with Maggie my old friend from high school found out she was expecting also and that we had the same due date. Due date buddies! We were both so excited to share this. Even though we were not very close in high school and haven’t seen each other since 1997 this bonded us a lot more than I expected. When we lost Maggie even though it was awkward for her and she wasn’t sure if she should Kelly reached out to me. She has kept me informed of her pregnancy and that has been wonderful therapy for me. How can this be when the mere mention of another pregnant woman puts me into tears and if I see a baby I run the other way? I’m not sure.

She has been on baby watch for the last 2 weeks and is miserable but holding her own. What I want her to know is that it touched me in ways I can never explain that she has chosen me to be the first non-family member to be notified of her son’s birth. I only wish I still lived in Florida so I could have the honor of holding that precious angel. Thank you Kelly for I am sure you don’t realize the special gift that you have given to me.