One week and two day’s Post OP

Here I am again! Why is it I only seem to blog when I need to vent? I suppose this is the only time that  I feel like I have anything to say that is worth saying. I had to have a fairly routine although emergency surgery last week to remove my gallbladder because it was full of stones and causing me too much pain. I am told this was a long-term cause of things I just wrote off as normal and that I had probably been suffering needlessly for years. I am not feeling as great as I had hoped and today I realized I am too hard on myself. I was upset because it was a special someone’s birthday and I couldn’t do anything to make it special. We still had a good night and he made me realize I didn’t have to do anything spectacular for his birthday to be special.

Surgery terrified me, but I had the most wonderful surgical team. Each nurse I had was amazing and everyone right down to the last guy I smiled at as he put me under were so sweet to me. Even though I hated to have to give up my control of my world for a bit my heart was warmed by  all of the sweet and kind people who helped me along the way. Below is a picture of my bear that was not only allowed into surgery with me, but several nurses had great fun turning him into a surgical bear. They even put a band-aid on the spot where his gallbladder should be. I will be taking this team some goodies as soon as I am feeling better!