To My Baby Sister

November 3, 1993

It was a Wednesday and I was in the 8th grade. I was 13 years old when you were born and I had mostly been the baby of the family until then. I still remember the day mom met me at the door when I came home from school and told me you were coming. She was afraid I was going to be upset, and I didn’t know what to think at first but I didn’t feel the way mom feared. Although I have to say it wasn’t always easy being the MUCH older sister you were hard pressed to find two sisters who loved each other more than you and I. Often times I tease you about your barney phase and how many times we watched The Lion King together (or the time I came home and found you eating my lip gloss) , but the truth is I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I remember sitting in the room waiting for you to be born and pretending to do my homework, but I was really writing love notes to my then boyfriend Jesse. I was so excited that I didn’t want to miss a minute. Lucky for mom you didn’t torture for the 23 hours that I did. I hear this every year on my birthday. In a joking manner of course. I wonder, what story do you hear on yours? We each have our own treasured traditions with mom.

You were just minutes old when I first met you. I remember saying….what is it? When dad brought you out and was holding you so proudly and all I could say was “looks like me”. You have grown into such a beautiful young woman both inside and out and while for a while there I thought I would never have a sister I sure am glad God brought me you.

I know I am a few hours too early, but I just wanted to be sure to say that although I am living so very far away and I know I have missed so much of your growing up, I do love you so much and I am thinking of you everyday but especially on November 3, 2011 your very special 18th birthday.