Thank God that is Over


Thanksgiving has officially come and gone and I survived. Of course, the main reason I survived is because I didn’t go anywhere, didn’t talk to anyone and spent the day rearranging my trees on Farmville. Yeah, I know how sad that sounds…pretty pathetic even but I made it through the day. Today, however, I was greeted with the upset of someone close to me because I didn’t call and say “Happy Thanksgiving”. Apparently this was so upsetting it warranted removing me as a Facebook friend. I’m not talking about a distant relative here and yeah I didn’t call. I’m sure I hurt many feelings because I didn’t call but I will not shoulder all the blame for that. It is a two-way street. Do not condemn me for what you are unwilling to do yourself. I realize that I have pushed many people away and I rarely answer my phone but damn…I am doing the best I can and anyone who can’t understand that and thinks they can do better…welcome to try. I know I’m not the only one with this heartache and I know it’s not all about me any maybe I shouldn’t even be writing this blog….I guess what I really mean to say is Happy stupid Thanksgiving and I probably won’t call on Christmas either so if that offends anyone so be it.