Temporary Emotions


Tonight, this quote speaks to me. I am a hot-tempered passionate person. I have strong opinions, but I know they are not always right. I don’t need to always be right, but I do know that in moments of anger I over react and make choices based on emotions that may not be true when I have calmed down. This is a family trait, but there is supposed to be an unconditional love that heals and forgives. Isn’t there? At what point do we say “I’m done”? I have felt “done” many times with those that I love. Only those that I truly love can have that kind of emotional power over me, but some hurts can’t be healed and some bridges can’t be mended. I come from a long line of passionate, emotional and stubborn over reactor’s but I always thought family was family. I think that sentiment is in a cemetery in Ocala, Florida; along with what I grew up thinking was a fairly tight-knit family. There is lots of blame to go around and I certainly am not an innocent bystander. There is no “but” to that statement…I know you thought there would be. There usually is…not this time. I’m just deeply sad.