I Have This Most Amazing Friend……

I have this most amazing friend and her name is Beth. She is a truly good person with a pure heart. I don’t use these words lightly. Last month many people on facebook challenged themselves to do a status update each day leading up to Thanksgiving stating what they are thankful for. I looked forward to reading Beth’s each day because they said a lot about her. Of course there were the silly ones when she was struggling, like “I’m thankful for lazy days”.

There was one status that stood out to me. It is the one that I immediately saved because I knew when I found the words I wanted to blog about. The one that reaffirms what I have known for many years and that is no matter what has happened in life Beth is a truly pure and beautiful person. She is real and never fake and it makes me appreciate her so much more.

This is what Beth had to say that makes me so very proud to be her friend:

“I’m thankful I’m nice. I’m thankful that it’s hard for me to retaliate and say something mean back to someone who has been mean to me. I use to think this was a flaw of mine. I hated being the nice one, the shy one, the quiet one. No one else seemed to have a problem speaking their mind so I’d wonder what was wrong with me. I pray for people when I’m out shopping or whatever and they look like they’re having a tough day.. I smile at you and I don’t even know you just because I feel like it. No one else I know does this.. why do I? I figured it out as I got older and realized there was a simple answer. I just didn’t want people to hurt…I care about people and their life and what they’re going through. I care about people who might not deserve it and try to see the good in everyone. What people don’t understand is that everyone makes mistakes.. everyone will make stupid decisions.. NO ONE is perfect. And it drives me nuts that there is so much HATE in this world because of this. Why is it so hard for people not to judge others and just open their hearts to people? We all screw up and we will continue to screw up.. LIFE IS SCREWED UP but we can still love one another while we’re not perfect and while we’re making bad decisions. This is all just my opinion.. things I think about sometimes… but I am so very thankful that I am me and that God gave me a heart to help me understand people and care. It’s not a flaw.. it’s just me =)  ”

Beth, there is not a thing in the world wrong with you. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life. I love you for that. Thank you for being you.