Such sweetness

Blogging has been on my mind this month, but it really just hasn’t been happening. With that being said, I do have some wonderful LOLCatz pictures that have strolled by my Facebook page recently. Even this time of year…no. ESPECIALLY this time of year these bring a smile to my face.

This weekend I managed to finish a fabulous final essay in my COM class although Saturday morning I woke up so ill that I couldn’t move. Some awful stomach bug. A quick call to my WONDERFUL doctor and I at least had a RX for the nausea…no ER/ urgent care visit need. The real problem to me here is in between ’bouts of holding my head inside a fresh waste basket all I could think about was my damn essay due Sunday, but Saturday was a bust. Sunday morning I woke up feeling slightly better, but with a terrible headache. I still managed to lay down with my laptop and bang out the remind 1,000 words of my essay in 2 hours flat. GO ME!! Of course I had my outline, notes and 9 weeks of research to go off of, but this was no small feat. Monday found me in bed all day long sleeping the rest of it off and so grateful not to have a deadline looming. I have high hopes for Tuesday!