Date Night and Dessert Sampling

To say I have been down in the dumps lately would be an understatement. The man in my life has tried hard to me patient with me as he has felt so helpless because he can’t make it better while he also has to wrestle pain of his own. Raw emotional pain that most times he won’t admit is there. Last night we had a “date night”. Something that we haven’t been able to do in ages! It was so nice to just be able to sit and talk to each other. No one else to worry about, no work phone calls, no computer interruptions, no drama and no crisis needing management. For a few hours we got a break from the rest of the world and just got to enjoy each other. AND I did something I never do…I ordered the dessert sampler TO GO. That’s right….no room at all to eat it as we both didn’t finish our meals and those were boxed up too. Four beautiful desserts boxed up and taken home for consumption at a later time (today as we didn’t get home until late last night). I never ever order dessert, not only because I am full but because I can never justify it to myself. Somehow it made me a little bit giddy to order that dessert sampler to go. I giggled as the server brought it out to us, and then we stepped outside to see that is was lightly snowing. It was a beautiful night in so many ways.