To My Uncle On His 57th Birthday In Heaven

Dear Uncle Pete,

I was so angry at you when you died March 20, 2007…just 7 days before my 27th birthday and only 10 months after we had buried grandpa. I understand now that it wasn’t your fault that you were so sick and that you were fighting a terrible addiction, but why didn’t you ask us..your family for help? I’m sorry that your funeral was the only one I didn’t stand up and speak at I was just so angry. I’m not angry anymore. I think about you often. I have so many wonderful memories of you…I remember the cool swing you built me when I was a child. I was expecting the normal boring straight board swing, but no way…my too cool uncle Pete, the awesome carpenter built me the coolest circular swing that all of my friends loved to come over to use for many years to come. I also have wonderful memories of you teaching me to play the spoons. There is a song that reminds me so much of you: One in Every Crowd by Montgomery Gentry, when this song comes on it always makes me smile: I crank it up and sing along and I can see you dancing around beside me.

I love you Uncle Pete and I know you are celebrating your 57th birthday with grandma, grandpa and my baby girl Maggie in heaven.