There is nothing at all like the love and loyalty of an animal. I so miss living somewhere that allows pets. That is the problem with renting. This is the first time in my life I don’t at the very least have a cat who will come and cuddle up to me when they know I need it the most. I was raised in an animal family to say the very least. Mom and I always joked that when we died we wanted to come back as one of my grandfather’s animals. Cat or dog it didn’t matter, even as gruff as he could be with people, animals always had his heart. Grandma of course loved animals too!! She even thought of the chickens as pets! We had a chicken coup and those chickens were raised for eggs and had the mansion of chicken coups! Those chickens were NOT raised to become fried chicken….grandma named some of them. God, just thinking of that makes me smile. The rooster however….I was very young and even I remember being chased by that damned rooster. I was little and I was running as best as my little legs could across our back yard (this was in the country in FL…this was NOT a small back yard) crying only to notice that….ALL OF THE ADULTS WERE ON THE BACK PORCH LAUGHING. That’s right…LAUGHING. Even worse…grandpa was using his brand new cam-corder. My mom still has that VHS tape.

Do you know what I remember more than this? I remember the day that rooster disappeared. Grandpa took care of it himself because it wasn’t okay for his grand-daughter to be chased around the back yard. It wasn’t okay with him that I was terrified to play in the back yard that I loved so much. I know that had to hurt him because he loved animals so much, but he loved me more. That is what I remember about my grandparents. They loved me more than anything else in the world. They treasured me and for that I am a better person. I am compassionate because my grandma raised her children with compassion and understanding.
More parents should remember this. Every good thing about my mom she learned from hers and every good thing about me I learned from them both and I pray one day I will be blessed enough to have the chance to teach my child these beautiful lessons.

P.S. Grandma also nicknamed a black snake in the yard speedy.