The View Outside my Window

Baltimore, MDI woke up early this morning feeling rested and energized. The sunshine is streaming in my window and it is a beautiful day. At this moment, I feel at peace. I know that feeling will change several times throughout the day, but for right now I am enjoying the feeling of calm and the silence of my room. I am sad that it is Sunday and Jason had to leave me to go to work, but I am thankful he now has a job to go to even though I miss him very much.

I am taking 3 nine week classes this semester for my online degree and I have felt incredibly overwhelmed trying to make sure I get everything done for each class. As I enter week 3 I feel like I finally have everything under control. I am ahead on discussion questions and I am working on the major assignment for my Psy201 class which is a power point presentation about memory.

For today at least I feel in control of myself and my surroundings. I don’t know what will come later but for now I am enjoying Perfect Peace.