What I Have Learned About June 18th

My grandmother was born on June 18th 1919 and when we laid her to rest in May of 2007 every time June comes around I absolutely dread it. Growing up I had one of my best friends Dani who also shared grandma’s birthday and I always thought that was so cool. So, I still expect that update to pop up on social media and I can’t think of a more lovely person to share my grandma’s day.

This year I wasn’t going to blog. I just have not been feeling good and while I wait for my doctor appointment I have just kind of been chilling out. After all, this is the first time in 2 and a half years that I am not taking 4 classes. In fact, I am not taking ANY classes until next week. AND THEN…

I realize that a new-found friend had a milestone birthday on grandma’s birthday she turned 21 years old…it is all just beginning for her! Then, I see all kinds of crazy Facebook postings from celebrity pages like Blake Shelton singing happy birthday to himself. He turned 36 today, really? Wow, I never knew! Paul McCartney turned 70 today, I never knew that either and grandma would have loved that. There are a whole slew of famous people with June 18th birthday’s, I never new it was such a popular day.

The harder I tried to ignore June 18th the more it was presented to me and some how that made me feel better. I love you grandma and we all miss you so much, every moment of every day.