A Hole in my Heart

It has been a while since I blogged about my sweet girl. It has been almost 19 months since Maggie was born still and each day continues to be a struggle. I am forever changed because of our Maggie girl. I see the world differently and sometimes that is a burden all on it’s own. Yes, I am angrier now and yes I am sad even when I seem to be happy but each day is a little different. I can’t say better, I won’t say better because a world without Maggie in it can never be better. I only cope better some days than others. Today has been a bad day. As I sit here tonight unwinding from my day listening to music I am reminded once again of how much my perspectives have changed. A song by Jewel called In The Shape of You is one of those songs that reminds me that there is something profoundly missing in my life.

There’s a hole in my heart
And I carry it wherever I go
Like a treasure that travels with me down every road
There’s this longing lonesome and deep
Kind of bitter, kind of sweet
There’s a hole in my heart in the shape of you