Blog Challenge: 10 of my Favorite Things

I thought about naming this blog “Some of my Favorite Things”, but then I had Oprah flash backs. I saw this via a blog challenge and liked it enough to participate.

1. Music: while most of this list will not be in any order that matters, music makes the top of my list because it speaks to me.
2. Sheets fresh out of the dryer: if I was not so lazy I would wash my sheets daily just for that fresh out of the dryer feel.
3. Recipes: I can’t help it if I see something that sounds good I save it knowing full well I will probably never try it, but I must have it.
4. Facebook: I am a self-proclaimed Facebook addict. I check that sucker like I USED to check my email.
5. Candles: although I am very picky vanilla is always a winner.
6. Cherry Blossoms: I had never seen a Cherry Blossom tree until I moved to Maryland. They are the most beautiful thing.
7. Books: I don’t read nearly as much as I used to, but I love my books. I love my e-reader too, but nothing replaces that book in hand.
8. Writing: of course this must make the list as it is self-evident of most any blogger.
9. Cat captioned pictures: the cute, the funny and the down right vulgar they always make me laugh. I search these out when I am in an especially bad mood and my closest friends are forever posting these on Facebook for me. I love that.
10. Fall: it used to be that winter was my favorite, but since I have moved to Maryland and have seen the changing of the leaves in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland I have fallen in love with fall.