The Exhaustion of Preop Procedures

All of the labs, x-rays, sonograms, biopsies and blood work have finally been completed for my full thymectomy on Wednesday. What now? Even all of my paperwork for school is finished giving me deadline extensions until November is done. Now I sit and try not to think about it for two days. In other words…thank God I have my anti-anxiety medications! I was so busy getting to appointment the last week has flown by but now there is nothing to do until Wednesday at 5:30am. Other than perhaps fold some laundry and change the sheets, but that hardly counts. There isn’t much else to say other than I am nervous and bored after being completely overwhelmed by the preop process I find myself wishing there was something else to keep me occupied. At least I finally have time for all of those books on my extensive “to read” list!