40 Days of Thankfulness Blog Challenge 2012

This is a yearly blog challenge that I usually skip for a lot of reasons, but this year I am going to give it a try because I believe it is important to remember the joys in my life and not just the sorrow. I chose to do this challenge because of the quote at the top of this page because I realized it was exactly why I always declined to do it: it makes me immensely uncomfortable.


Where? Anywhere: FB, twitter, instagram, everday.me, a journal, notes app, whiteboard, text, phone call – whatever works best for you!

When?   **Start October 8, End November 16 **
Each year in October we join together and challenge ourselves to post, write, or SHARE and DECLARE one gratitude per day. We are on our 5th year and challenge you to invite your entire friends list to join us!

40 Days is really about cleansing your mind & heart and detoxing from the negative, toxic thoughts, bitterness, unforgivness of others or ourselves, low self-esteem, focusing on lack, or dwelling on mistakes.

If you’re ready to GROW to your next level, this will help you jump-start! Be ready, be open, be EXPECTING it to change your outlook and your life.#40DaysofThankfulnessChallenge (tag your posts or tweets with this)