Stir Crazy

How do I know I really am on the road to recovery? I feel well enough to be bored out of my skull. I started my day at 5am because I couldn’t sleep and then proceeded to spend 3 hours starting and finishing a paper that isn’t due until Sunday. I have extra time sanctions in my classes until December because of my surgery too. After that I spent more time than I care to admit playing on POGO and watching Netflix. Since my surgery I have read more books than I have in the last several months and I love reading. I love all of these things, but seriously there is only so many games I can play, movies I can stand to watch and books to read. However, so far I am being good. I know I have to take my time and not do things too soon or I will do myself more harm than good, but in the mean time…lord am I bored! It does feel good to have some hope that I am finally going to feel better. If I had known the thyroid surgery would have gone this well I would have done it a year ago instead of pushing it off as long as possible.