Country songs about small town life make me terribly homesick for my old backwoods Florida life. Not many things can accomplish this as I wouldn’t live in Florida again even if God himself ordered me to, but songs about small town life never fail to bring back the good memories. We spend our whole lives trying to get out, but we never truly leave.

1. Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean.
When I was growing up most of the roads we lived on were dirt roads. It kind of saddened me to go back in March and see a lot of them paved.

2. Take me Down  a Back Road by good ole boy RodneyAtkins
The first time I heard this song I was stranded in Friday Beltway traffic tying to get from one appointment to another and it hit me right in the heart. There really is a lot to be said for a back road.

3. This is Country Music by Braid Paisley reminds me of my childhood and how mom and grandpa raised me to appreciate the older country music.

4. There are several Montgomery Gentry songs in my playlist that make me so homesick I almost can’t list to them anymore. One in Every Crowd reminds me of my crazy uncle Pete who passed away in March of 2007. Where I Come From, My Town and Hell Yeah all remind me of home.

5. There are so many more songs that I can’t even begin to list, but these are the ones I heard today that struck a chord within me. As much time as I spent wanting to leave my small town life there are times when I can’t help but miss those back roads.