Even if it Breaks Your Heart

I am a self-proclaimed music lover and have been since I was old enough to remember. My mom has told me many stories about my music appreciation before I was old enough to remember much. There is also VHS evidence of me sitting in my little red rocking chair singing to music of all kinds. Mostly country because I cannot help it, I was raised a country girl in the backwoods of Florida and those are my roots. No matter how much I love contemporary and rock music I always find myself drifting back to my roots.

Way back on the radio dial,
the fire got lit inside a bright-eyed child.
Every note just wrapped around his soul,
from steel guitars to Memphis, all the way to rock and roll.

I spend a lot of time hanging out on Spotify since it is a nifty program that can go on my computer and oh yeah it is FREE. This is where I first heard the song by the Eli Young Band: Even if it Breaks Your Heart and from the first chord this song grabbed me right by the heart-strings and pulled tight.

Downtown is where I used to wander.
Old enough to get there but too young to get inside.
So I would stand out on the sidewalk,
listen to the music playin every Friday night.

This song reminds me so much of myself at various times in my life. Even once I out grew that little red rocking chair you could find me sitting in front of my mom’s record player on a Friday night singing my little heart out. A lot of good family memories surround music. Dancing in the living room with my mom on a Saturday night and in later years sitting outside having a drink with my mom (this one time, at the tiki bar…) talking about those Good ole days.

Some dreams stay with you forever,
drag you around but bring you back to where you were.
Some dreams keep on gettin better,
gotta keep believin if you wanna know for sure.
Even if it breaks your heart…