Once Upon A Time….

Believe it or not there was a time where I wrote more than just a blog to clear my mind. I grew up writing poetry and lots of it, like many young girls. I used to write songs and short stories in my journal instead of my random thoughts. When my grandparents died, I wrote their Eulogies, respectively. I was grieving, but my thoughts were still flowing.

Since Maggie was stillborn 21 months and 6 days ago the only thing creative I have done is this blog and even that is not always terribly original. The only other writing I have done? Papers on Human Services, IT user manuals and technical essays. No graphic design, no creative writing at all. I have seen many things that inspire me and touch me but I don’t seem to be able to tap into my own creativity any longer. I once was a pretty damn good designer and I changed my career ambitions all together. I feel like a person with all the facts and not many dreams. Hard to make myself see “the point” of it all, but statistics those I understand.

Is an artistic who can no longer create still an artist?

I’m not sure.