40 Days of Thankfulness: Day 17: Ambien Dreams

This is the stuff my sweet ambien dreams are made of…assuming I can remember.

After having not slept for more than 6 hours total in a 3 day span, today I am happy to report I literally “slept like the dead” until almost noon today. That blissful BLACK sleep, no waking up to pee, no snores, no dreams nothing at all peeping through that curtain of darkness.

Thank you God for my ambien for without it I simply do not sleep…even a little.

I am also thankful for friends who inspire me and I realized today that I don’t tell certain people this enough as one very important person had no clue on what an inspiration she is to me on a daily basis. Even if you assume they know, they probably don’t. Tell them anyway, it will make their entire day!