40 Days of Thankfulness Day 30: Voting and Emergency Doc Appts

I am thankful to be a woman who has the right to make her voice heard. I’m thankful to have grown up in a world where I can express my opinions freely. I am sad to have stumbled upon a few unfortunate comments about votes cancelling each other out simply because someone disagrees with my views and cannot show me the same respect I have given her. I have been told recently that for such an open-minded person I keep pretty quiet about my politics. It isn’t that I don’t feel just as passionately about my political views as everything else. I just believe MORE in each persons right to their own political opinions than I do in sharing my own loudly. We have many teens coming into this as their very first election. Why don’t we give them the FREEDOM to make up their own minds instead of telling them what they SHOULD think. I often wonder what would happen if everyone could carry such respect for themselves and those around them. Sometimes I still think I get punished for having my own mind and not blindly following with the rest of the sheep.

As you may notice this is being posted a date late, which leads me to the second half of my thankful post…I am thankful that I have a primary care doctor who can and will work me into his busy day as I arrived at his office yesterday morning with nearly a 103 temp. I left with some meds, an inhaler and a diagnosis of Bronchitis and pneumonia. I’ve had lots of fluids and lots of sleep…I even slept through all the results last night. Still feeling rough, but hopefully tomorrow is better.