Damn Cat

It is a damn good thing she is so cute

Someone please tell me why at 6:18 a.m. I am wide awake, fully dressed and drinking my second diet Pepsi of the day?
OH, I know why…my lunatic cat who thinks my side of the bed is a jungle gym. At first, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she found a mouse. So, I, the dutiful kitty mama that I am, followed her all over the house while she squeaked at me at 5 a.m . Each squeak seemed to say “this way” until finally I was cold and tired and had to tell her to get her furry ass back upstairs.

I climbed back into bed thinking our little adventure was over and she would snuggle under the blanket and go to sleep.
I-was-wrong. More jumping on and off the bed and more squeaking for me to find something. Checked she had food, had water…litter box is fairly clean. So then I find myself having a serious talk with my cat at almost 6 in the damn morning.

Me: “Lily, this is not a game of hide and seek. You kill mouse and lay it on daddy’s side of the bed. That is how we play this game, okay”?
Me: “Good, I am glad we understand each other”.
Lily Cat: <head boink> and <purrrr>

She is now running around like a crazy cat playing with rubber bands. At least my toes are safe for now, but I am STILL not a morning person or a coffee person. I am a sleep until at least 9 a.m. and have a diet Pepsi kinda person.