How My Cat Saved My Life

This is my beautiful lily cat who is my faithful companion. She keeps me company while Jason has to work and she lifts my spirits in so many ways. I have learned that she helps me with my depression in ways that my human companions just aren’t capable of.

Taking care of mom sure is hard work

Yesterday morning I was dead to the world asleep, which rarely happens. I didn’t even wake up when Jason got out of bed and that almost never happens. When I did finally wake up it was because my persistent Lily girl was trying to wake me up. She was being very aggressive and forceful, something that is not normal. She was jumping on my head, pawing at my face just acts of total kitty cat desperation until I finally became aware of it and sat up. The moment I sat up in bed I knew something was terribly wrong. I was in a cold sweat and my entire body was shaking. Being a diabetic I immediately checked my blood sugar and sure enough it registered at 33. Yes, you read that right. My Lily cat very likely saved me from a diabetic coma…or worse….much much worse.

This is my WUZZZZZUPPPPP!!!! face

I know that sounds dramatic, but I also know how out of it I was. I truly believe that had my cat not been here and sensed that something was terribly wrong I would not have woken up. I have read about animals alerting their owners to dangerous changes in their body, but this just amazed me. I am terribly thankful.

Sweet kitty cat dreams!