15 Things I Love About Christmas


Before you have to endure a month of everything I hate about the holidays I thought I would share the things that I love. Yes, even though the holidays make me incredibly sad there are still many things that I love.

  1. Christmas movies: I love these so much that I actually started watching them in November via Netflix and my DVR.
  2. Christmas lights: While I hate putting up the actual tree I still love to lay there and watch the lights twinkle.
  3. Christmas decorations: I love the tradition of going out and looking at Christmas displays.
  4. Christmas music: I pick and choose my playlist because I am sort of picky but for a couple of weeks in December I do love it.
  5. Christmas books: There are a ton of FREE kindle books with a Christmas theme and I am slowly reading them all.
  6. Christmas pajama’s: Every year I buy myself at least one pair of holiday themed PJ’s. I love wearing them all Winter.
  7. The food: I love to bake, but I love the little dips and appetizers even more.
  8. Seasonal scents: candles and winter bubble bath scents are my favorites!
  9. Norman Rockwell: Can’t help it all of his work makes me feel warm inside.
  10. Winter Scenes: I love most winter theme scenes, but Thomas Kinkade remains my favorite.
  11. Traditions: I miss my family traditions the most this time of year.
  12. Christmas mugs: adorable Christmas themed mugs with egg nog or hot chocolate make me smile.
  13. All things snowman: I can’t help it, they are just so cute
  14. Children: Kids are the way I survive the holidays. I know this might seem odd because other grieving parents tend to avoid them like the plague, but seeing their happy excited faces helps me a great deal.
  15. The reason for the season: I have my issues with my faith, but the birth of Christ still makes it on my list of things I love about Christmas.