Can’t Shake These Feelings


Mother’s Day has come and gone and I survived it a little better than I did last year. It was a busy day and I was surrounded by those who love me. My only wish other than the obvious is that I could have seen my own mom. However, that is difficult when 1000 miles separate us. As for the rest of my life: my head is a jumble of thoughts and emotions. I find myself questioning a great many things. As is usually the case in times of self-reflection music speaks to me. I do not know where this path will lead, but I once again find myself at a cross roads totally unclear as to which path I belong on. My heart hurts for so many reasons. The mask I wear to shield myself is denigrating and I find myself in uncharted territory.

“Can’t Shake You”

I still change the station
Every time they play that song
Can’t drive past your house
So I take the long way home
Your black leather jacket
Still hangin’ in my closet
I wish that I could give it away
Oh even though you’re gone, somehow you stay

And every other time a love said goodbye
I just shake it off, shake it off
Pour another drink so I don’t feel a thing
I just shake it off, break it off
Erased all your numbers, blocked all your calls
Tried another lover, built up my walls
Told myself it’s over, don’t know what else I can do
I can’t shake you

I didn’t wanna be here
But my friends all love this bar
I don’t wanna see you
But I’m wondering where you are
And why am I still keepin’
The shirt you used to sleep in?
It’s been sittin’ there for over a year
Oh even though you left me you’re still here


I can’t shake you
No matter how hard I try
I can’t shake you
I can’t shake you
And I don’t know why