The Importance of a Name

imagesThis year, more than 120 million babies will be born on earth. Those who survive will sooner or later undergo the initiation process of receiving a name. When I was a teenager almost all of my friends hated their names. I remember being confused by this. If someone asks my middle name I proudly tell them and I almost always find myself mentioning that I am named after my grandparents. Samantha is a variation of my grandfather “Samuel” and Marie was my grandmother and great-grandmother’s middle name. I have always appreciated having a name that means something. Every child should be able to have a story about where their name came from. My sister isn’t named after anyone, but there is a story behind her name too.  I always shake my head at people who do not give deep consideration to the name they give their children. That child has to live with it their whole lives.  The first gift you can give your child is a name that means something. A name with a story, something to be proud of.