Safe Place

15393_706738636071709_6481228222896216754_nIt is not often I admit this, I am a long time survivor of PTSD. I won’t go into details, but some bad things have happened in my life. This that require me to have coping mechanisms such as having a safe place. When that safe place is compromised, no matter how small, no matter if intentional or not, that is a dangerous place for the survivor. Thoughts, emotions, situations that they have not thought of in many years come flooding back at once. Others involved can have immediate remorse and try to make it better, but you need to know the damage is done. Now you have to ride out the consequences. Flashbacks, night terrors, sleeplessness just to name a few. If this happens to you do not shame that person into silence because you are embarrassed of your part in it. Get that person to talk, get that person to a therapist, their best friend, mom….it doesn’t matter who what is important is that you know it will not just go away. If you allow this person to bury it things will only be more difficult for everyone in the long run. She is gonna want to run, she is gonna cry, she is gonna scream, and she is going to do everything she can to regain the control that has been taken from her. This is so much bigger than you realize.