The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 23, 2015


The Great Escape? The Great Escape?

I read this heart-breaking letter-to-the-editor from a father who lost his daughter and “best friend” to heroin addiction back in April. I commented in this follow-up-article how Something is terribly wrong with a society that turns its Churches into yoga centers and private homes, and its children into Big Pharma Dependents!” …For which I was accused of making a “false argument” by bringing religion into the conversation. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

                                          “Hug your kids. Keep them safe.”

Doesn’t it border on intellectual dishonesty and secular fascism to declare religion out of bounds on matters of human suffering that so clearly result from spiritual depravity and malnourishment? Leaving religion off the table on those things that matter most, is like trying to read a book while skipping entire chapters. What sense would that make? And yet this is exactly what living in post-Christian America has…

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