God Bless The USA

Even 4 years later I can’t say it any better than this ❤

Musings Illuminated

“I may disagree with everything you say,
but will defend unto death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

My grandfather was an Air force man who traveled all over the world when my mom was a child. She once had a doll collection that she so treasured because her daddy would bring her a doll back from where ever the Air force happened to send him. Grandpa taught his family many things but one thing that he instilled in us all was the importance of voting. So many have died to give us these rights and we had better take advantage. I loved him even more for that. It was almost comical the way he would check for our “I voted” stickers. I turned 18 in March of 1998 and we had a local election that November. My first time voting was a family event and I still remember…

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