30 Days and Counting

For some reason,that only my psyche knows for sure, up until yesterday I thought my “date” was July 25th. That’s the date I focused on and counted from for a whole month only… Continue reading

Art Therapy #3 (Favorite so far)

I love these adult coloring books. This one is hands down my favorite so far. It just seems so..whimsical. The best part of this therapy is that is is the gift that keeps… Continue reading

The Power of a Collage

I remember one of the first art projects I was taught as a child: collages. This week I went back to basics when I was having a really bad day. I wanted to… Continue reading

Art Therapy #2

Curtain Call: Chasing Ghosts

Never thought I would be in this place, it feels like someone else’s life I’m living. Since my OD I often say I feel like I am on the outside looking in. Almost… Continue reading

The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 23, 2015

Originally posted on shutupnsing:
The Great Escape? I read this heart-breaking letter-to-the-editor from a father who lost his daughter and “best friend” to heroin addiction back in April. I commented in this follow-up-article…

Art Therapy #1

On my first day of Kindergarten at Dunnellon Christian School Miss Foreacker sent me to the principals office because I refused to draw a house. I didn’t know how. It took the principal… Continue reading

Support Systems

My tag line “all people want is for someone to listen” has never held more truth for me than it does now. Everyone is listening, but I haven’t been doing much talking. I… Continue reading

Taking Back My Life

It’s been a while since I posted. So much has happened in my life, but all of that stuff seems trivial against the fact that I am now a recovering heroin addict. It… Continue reading

I am, A Grieving Mother

I wrote this some time ago, but I am sharing it today in honor of October 15th pregnancy, stillbirth and infant loss awareness day. I am sick at heart but I go on. I… Continue reading