I can’t get them under control tonight. I know what the issue is and I know what I need to do and believe me I am trying but tonight all of my frustration… Continue reading

Father’s Day and Grandpa

I thought about just skipping this post but decided I would share my thoughts anyhow. My father was a disappointment to say the least. I won’t go into details but in short he… Continue reading

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandma

Death ends a life, not a relationship. Whoever said that our loved ones don’t stay with us once they have passed on is dead wrong. I received such a special gift from my… Continue reading

There has been a loss in the family

If you have been following my blog at all you will have seen me mention Kelly a couple of times. First in Bellies and Babies give away and then again in Things that Matter.… Continue reading

Create In Me A Clean Heart

  My heart aches tonight. Maybe it’s lack of sleep or maybe it’s everything that’s happened lately but tonight I can literally feel my heart aching.   A psalm by David; Have mercy… Continue reading

Things That Matter

I haven’t blogged much lately because I haven’t had anything positive to say and I haven’t seen the point in spreading that kind of negativity so I have stuck to my personal journal.… Continue reading

Bellies and Babies Giveaway: Please vote

Please vote for my good friend Kelly Neiswender  in the bellies and babies giveaway. Here is how to do it. On facebook go to  Captured by Robine and like the page. You MUST like the page… Continue reading

Praying for Strength

Tonight I am praying for strength and I can’t explain why. I suppose I am just feeling a little bit weak. The picture included in this post really spoke to me and I… Continue reading

Mother’s Day

The day is over for the most part and I can say that I have survived. I have chosen the path of “positive thinking” which means I am not allowing myself to wallow… Continue reading

Answering the echoes of “what’s wrong with her now”??

What’s wrong with me now? I am sad. I looked at the calendar today and realized I should be entering my final month of pregnancy and instead I find myself entering week number… Continue reading