Life has been crazy the last 3 months or so. Most of it I cannot blog about yet, but I decided to set the blog back up because I truly do NEED… Continue reading

Holding On

  Sarah McLachlan speaks to me today through her “Mirror Ball” CD. I just love spotify as it allows me to have access to a lot of free music without any hassle since… Continue reading

Can’t Shake These Feelings

Mother’s Day has come and gone and I survived it a little better than I did last year. It was a busy day and I was surrounded by those who love me. My… Continue reading


Every day I get a little bit stronger. You may stand there as I lay on the floor and you might think that you have won, but I promise you, I am not… Continue reading

Today is a Better Day

Good days used to mean a much different thing to me. It used to mean nothing was wrong, I didn’t break down and everything was “happy”. These days it means that I broke… Continue reading

Come Wake Me Up

Music. It speaks to me. This song hit me like a ton of bricks. “Come Wake Me Up” Rascal Flatts I can usually drink you right off of my mind But I miss… Continue reading

Rolling with the Punches

Here I am again asking myself why life has to be so hard. I understand that into every life a little rain must fall and one must go through a certain about of… Continue reading

Music Therapy

Words. Someone close to me recently said that words don’t matter and I couldn’t disagree more. Words matter in a way that I cannot express. What you say to someone, whether it be… Continue reading


As I sit here tonight fighting off yet another round of tears I feel like such a failure in every aspect of my life. Instead of spending Maggie’s “angelversary” at a girls lunch… Continue reading

In Just One Week…

It is hard to believe that in 7 days it will have been 2 years since my angel was stillborn but born still. Last year I completely checked out to the point where… Continue reading